Academic Handbook

1. Welcome from the principal

Welcome to the National Institute for Christian Education. I trust that your engagement with us encourages and equips you as a Christian educator. The National Institute is the teacher education arm of Christian Education National and is a teaching agent for Alphacrucis University College (which maintains government accreditation for postgraduate courses). We are governed by the National Board of CEN.

As a teaching agent of Alphacrucis, we affirm the values and Statement of Faith of the university college. Our subjects of study are based on a reformational philosophy which acknowledges Christ’s sovereignty over all of life. As you study with the Institute, you will be encouraged to affirm insights from many sources, appreciating God’s common grace, as well as discerning clashes in worldview assumptions, appreciating the antithesis that undergirds ideas either in worship of God or a god substitute. An expanded version of our approach is found on the NICE website under About: Who are we? and What do we believe?

You will experience rigorous academic study but also exciting paradigm-shifting engagement that we trust will leave you transformed! We are glad you have chosen to study with us!

Dr Fiona Partridge