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Academic Handbook

5. Studying Online

All units are delivered online through the Moodle eLearning Portal at the National Institute Online ( Upon your first enrolment, a Moodle account will be created and an automatic email with student’s username and temporary password will be sent to you. If you do not receive this email, then please contact the National Institute Academic Administration Coordinator. 

Access to unit material via the National Institute eLearning Portal will be given to students approximately two weeks before Semester starts.

To familiarise yourself with Moodle and what is expected of you as a student in Postgraduate Education please click on the link titled, Student Information Centre. This topic gives you important resources to assist you in your time of study at the National Institute.

To access the unit you are enrolled in for the semester, click on the unit title. You should only see the unit/s you are enrolled in for the Semester.  If you have access to the wrong unit or cannot see the unit listed, then please contact the National Institute Academic Administration Coordinator immediately so this problem can be fixed. 

Within each unit you will find a link to biographical information on your lecturer, a link to the unit outline, and a link to the text and readings page. Be sure to follow these links immediately.

You will also find a semester schedule and resources that will assist you in your study. Be sure to visit the Student Information Centre for links to library databases and many other resources.  Within your unit you will find a series of tutorials that you should read according to the Suggested Study Schedule. Please read through each tutorial carefully, following the instructions for reflection and working together with the unit outline for the assignments.

Assessments are submitted to the Lecturer by uploading them onto Moodle. 

The lecturer is available to help and assist you with your study, so please email any questions you may have about your study to the lecturer. For technical issues please contact the National Institute Academic Administration Coordinator at