3. Admissions

3.2. Enrolment

Enrolment Policy

Please read the AC Enrolment Policy closely in order to fully understand the subject enrolment guidelines.

An enrolment needs to be completed online each Semester a Subject is to be studied. Enrolment is completed through the online enrolment form: www.people.nice.edu.au

Change of Personal Details

If students change their address or name or email they are required to update their profile on the Student Database at www.people.nice.edu.au

It is difficult for the Institute to effectively communicate important information with students if the correspondence details we have been provided are out of date. The National Institute will accept no responsibility if official communication does not reach a student who has failed to notify a change of name, address or email.

Course Transfer

Students wishing to transfer courses should fill out the Transfer of Course Form (for current students) and submit it to the National Institute Academic Administration Coordinator as a scanned attachment to an email. 

Leave of Absence

While students have up to seven years to complete the eight subjects in their Masters' course, the National Institute and Alphacrucis College expect students to be studying on a regular basis. Please read the current AC Leave of Absence Policy carefully. 

If you will not be returning to study for up to a period of one year, please submit this Leave of Absence request form (for current students) to the NICE Academic Administration Coordinator.

Changing Enrolment or Withdrawing Enrolment

Students wanting to change their enrolment in a specific subject after their initial nomination, should complete an Enrolment Variation Form (for current students) and submit it to the National Institute Academic Administration Coordinator either by post, or as a scanned attachment to an email.

Students withdrawing from a Subject before the Census Date of the Semester receive a full refund of fees paid. The student’s enrolment in the Subject is removed from the records and it will not appear on the student’s transcript. Access to Moodle will be cancelled. 

Changes may be made up to 4pm on the Census Date applicable to the subject in question.

Students withdrawing after the Census Date will not receive a refund of their fees and will be liable for the full cost of the subject. Please make yourself aware of the ‘Census Date’ at the very beginning of the semester. An academic penalty of “F” or “FW” will be applied in this circumstance. 

Please note that no changes can be made to your enrolment after the Census Date unless in exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional Circumstances Withdrawal

If there are exceptional circumstances around a withdrawal after the Census Date a written request needs to be sent to the National Institute Student Affairs Committee (SAC) via email to admin@nice.edu.au or the SAC application form (for current students) and the Program Director, seeking a refund and detailing the exceptional circumstances.  A full or pro-rata refund may be made in such cases.

A refund may be granted to a student who makes changes to, or withdraws from a subject, after Census Date, provided evidence is supplied that the student had ceased attendance by the Census Date, and was unable to notify NICE for reasons beyond his or her control.

 An application will only be considered where NICE is satisfied that the circumstances were:

  • beyond the student's control, and
  • did not make their full impact on the student until on or after the Census Date, and
  • were such that it was impracticable for the student to complete their units(s) of study requirements.

Please note, special circumstances do not include a lack of knowledge or understanding of the census dates or NICE/AC's enrolment and withdrawal processes. Also, if a student withdraws from a unit after the census date because they changed their mind about studying, the student is still required to repay their debt for that unit(s).

If a withdrawal after Census Date is approved by SAC, a 'Late Withdrawal' will be noted on the transcript.

Study Loads and Delivery Options

Full-Time Study Load

Full-time enrolment is officially 40 credit points per semester (which is usually 4 subjects per semester in any delivery mode.) Theoretically, a National Institute student could complete their entire Master’s course in one year through full-time study, although there are some pre-requisite subjects to be met.

Domestic students can be classified as full-time when they are enrolled in 30 credit points or more per semester. 

International students in Australia are required to maintain a full-time enrolment, with 75% of their enrolment as Intensives, Extensives or Weekly delivery modes and only 25% of their enrolment via the Moodle eLearning Online delivery mode.

Part-Time Study Load

Part-time enrolment is 20 credit points or less per semester (which is two subjects or less per semester in any delivery mode.) Usually all National Institute students are considered to be studying part-time.

Subject Delivery Options

Delivery is usually by online distance learning, supported by lecturer class zoom sessions.

By arrangement other delivery options can include

  • Intensive - 5 days of classes scheduled in a one-two week block
  • Extensive - 5 separate days of classes scheduled across the teaching period
  • Weekly - weekly 3 hour face to face classes scheduled during the teaching period
  • Moodle eLearning Online Platform - class material is prepared and presented in an online format via our online learning platform for a student to access during a teaching period 

For further information, please visit Alphacrucis Policy on Student Workload

What is NICE@School?

The National Institute has worked with Alphacrucis University College in our third party agreement to develop a model of study we believe can assist educators to get started on their Masters of Education or Grad Certificate professional learning journey. NICE@School study allows educators to develop their skills in the classroom and or in leadership as they study, finding the course content engaging, relevant, and manageable as practitioners.

Specifically, the NICE@School model allows the National Institute to bring the Masters of Education / Masters of Education (Leadership) / Grad Certificate to educators on site and or at home. In addition to having a longer study period, and embedding study into school practice, the online content will be supported with a number of live sessions facilitated by an allocated experienced NICE lecturer. Delivered may be through set face-to-face study group sessions, or via scheduled zoom classrooms to suit the school calendar and context. Participants (students) will have full access to the extensive online study materials to work through in their own time or with colleagues. 

School sites can register a local NICE@School cohort of five or more students, or combine with other state-based school cohorts to study NICE@School together, with an allocated lecturer and customized Study Schedule.