4. Fees and Tuition

Payment of Fees

2024 Fees per Subject (10 credit points)

Domestic: AUD$2430.00

International: AUD$2730.00

Please see the current AC Fees, Payments and Tuition Assurance Policy

The National Institute also requires that students pay promptly. The invoice is payable by the end of Week 1 of the Semester. If there are extenuating circumstances, please contact our Business Manager and finance team (admin@nice.edu.au) immediately.  

Results will not be available for students in arrears, and such students will not be permitted to proceed into a new semester or to graduate. If you will have problems paying for a subject within the first two weeks of the semester, please consider using FEE-HELP.

NOTE: Schools may arrange to be invoiced for students by special arrangement. Some schools allow payment plans. Speak to your site leader.


FEE-HELP is available to students who are Australian or New Zealand citizens or those who hold a Permanent Residency Visa and have a tax file number. For more information about FEE- Help go to www.studyassist.gov.au.

FEE-HELP applies to the Course entered into and is not transferrable when transferring courses. It is helpful if students advise of their intention to use FEE-HELP during the Application process or as early as possible at the first enrolment.

If a student wishes to use FEE-HELP they should select FEE-HELP during the application/enrolment process. The student will then be sent information from Alphacrucis University College to complete the FEE-HELP process online. This needs to be completed before the enrolment period closes.


Student Engagement

A Student Engagement Form is submitted to Alphacrucis University College in Week 3 of each Semester. Alphacrucis requires evidence of commitment to the subject to avoid the risk of students not understanding their commitments, including costs, as part of our third party agreement. This is especially important for FEE-HELP students.


Financial Concession

Many Christian Education National (CEN) schools are willing to assist their staff financially in their studies because they recognise the value to the school of such study. However, this is a matter between the students and their school to negotiate.



IF a refund of fees is applicable and/or requested, it will be refunded directly from the National Institute for Christian Education without the need to complete AC's Online Refund Request Form. 

Please see AC Refund Policy

Special International Fees for Eligible Educators

Please contact admin@nice.edu