6. Assessment

Submission of Assessments

All assignments must be electronically submitted through Moodle, our eLearning platform by the due date specified by the course coordinator (usually the date on the Suggested Study Schedule).

Students are to take care when uploading assignments to Moodle, ensuring they submit the correct document in the correct format (Word document unless otherwise specified) for marking. Assignments submitted electronically cannot be amended at a later date. With this in mind, email requests from students, to include any such assignment amendments, will NOT be considered.

Please read and abide by the current AC Assessment Policy.

Expectations on Assessments

Please note that at Master’s level students should demonstrate higher levels of engagement with bodies of scholarly knowledge than is required at Bachelor level. The assessment criteria within the outline of each subject and in the rubrics for each assessment in the Moodle eLearning Platform are used as the basis for assessing assignments. Please refer to these and follow them closely.