6. Assessment

6.2. Extensions and Late Assessments

The dates indicated on the Suggested Study Schedule within each subject online are generally the date on which an assignment is due.


For circumstances involving less than 7 days please make these arrangements directly with your lecturer. In the case of longer extensions of an assessment, or at the end of the semester, please complete the Request for Extension form (for current students) that can be found in the Student Information Centre.

Extensions of more than seven (7) days after the assessment deadline will only be granted on the following grounds where supporting documentation is provided (for example, doctor's certificate, death certificate, or letter from psychologist):

1) Medical illness; 2) Extreme hardship; 3) Compassionate grounds; 4) Faculty supervised project amendment.


Late Assessments

Students are expected to submit work by the due date. Students who do not do this without an extension or unavoidable disruption are liable to receive a zero mark for that assessment. Variations of this policy may be appropriate for particular subjects or units, if indicated in the subject outline.


Unavoidable Disruption

Where a student is prevented from submitting an assessment or from applying for an extension because of an unavoidable disruption, the student shall report the circumstances in writing (supported by a medical certificate or other relevant evidence) by no later than seven days after the assessment deadline. This should be sent directly to admin@nice.edu.au.