6. Assessment

6.3. Grades


Student performance will be graded as follows:



HD       High Distinction         85% - 100%

D         Distinction                  75% - 84%      

Cr        Credit                         65% - 74%      

P          Pass                          50% - 64%*

F          Fail                            < 50% 


Status Notations

LW               =           Late Withdrawal (only special circumstances)

IP                 =           In Progress (subject still being taught)

E                  =           Extension approved

I                    =          Incomplete (with no approved extension)

W                  =          Withdrawal without penalty

CW               =          Withdrawal without penalty on compassionate grounds

AD                =          Audited

AS                =          Advanced Standing


Grades are not only awarded on the basis of good content, but also for good critical thinking and expression. If you have any queries as to how your grade was awarded, then contact your lecturer.

Please refer also to the AC Grading Policy, the Assessment Policy and the Academic Integrity and Misconduct Policy.